These short books can be enjoyed in about 45 minutes - perfect for a long commute or some bedtime reading.

In these murder mysteries set in the ‘20s, the madame of a brothel on the tiny lle Saint-Louis in the center of Paris is also a vampire and the only one of her kind that she has ever met, but that is the least of her concerns when people keep turning up dead in or near her place of business.

Of course, Madame sees it as her responsibility to find out what has happened in her maison and set it straight—without ever revealing her powers or upsetting the very attractive Monsieur Inspector Thibauld Baudet who is appointed to the cases.

Fall in love with Paris in the '20s, the kind but fierce Madame, and her gorgeous maison, Le Chat Rose, today!

The Passing of Pascal

A young man has the audacity to try to kill Melodie - one of the brothel's ladies - and then fall over dead. At first the police rule the death an accident, but then they find poison in the body. And Madame also finds a note that implicates a jealous wife in the attack on Melodie - but then who poisoned the attacker? It's all very confusing... And worse yet, is Melodie still in danger?

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The Expiration of Elise

It's just two days before Christmas in Paris, and one disaster after another is unfolding at Le Chat Rose. First Madame has to rescue Dorothée, one of her mesdames, from a diabolical trap... and then a jealous wife storms the maison and creates a scene. Moments later, the wife is murdered. And suddenly, Madame finds herself a suspect, confronted by the gorgeous Inspector Baudet...

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The End of Isabelle

A lovely young woman dies mysteriously at Le Chat Rose... and almost immediately, the dashing Inspector Baudet arrives to declare it a murder. How did he know? And why is staff member Rainger Gagnon acting so suspicious? Then somehow Le Chat Rose's business license goes missing, and the authorities shut the brothel down. It's up to Madame to save the day and her beloved maison!

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The Parting of Pierre

Madame has allowed Mireille to commence gambling at bouillotte at Le Chat Rose, and she fears she will soon regret it. And indeed squabbling and recriminations break out at once. But that's all overshadowed when a customer is found dead. His bereaved wife thinks it's due to his epilepsy. But then why was he being followed?

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The Death of Daisi

Anaelle, one of Madame's ladies, has had it up to here with her mean-spirited sister. And when the sister shows up to attend a wedding in Paris, an unexpected death soon follows. Was Daisi's death a suicide - or a murder? And is Anaelle's sister mean enough to have done it?

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The Mortality of Matias

A letter arrives at Le Chat Rose for Hélène Bachelet, who isn’t even one of the mesdames. How odd! When Madame delivers the letter to Hélène at a party, a young man soon winds up dead at the bottom of the cellar stairs. Why does Hélène react so oddly? And why was dear old addled Elzear Devereaux kicking the body??

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About Annette

Annette Moncheri is une americaine but a francophile! She adores books about French food, culture, parenting, and more. She reads, writes, and speaks French un peu - a little (a very little!). Part of the joy of writing books set in Paris is the excuse to read books and watch films set in Paris. She hasn't been there herself yet, but she feels the need to do some on-site research coming up!

Annette grew up in small towns but has resided in Houston, Texas for more than twenty years. She's married and has a young son and two cats. Art, beautiful things, and live performances of music and theatre are essential to her survival. And she loves to go to La Madeleine Cafe and try to comprehend the expats speaking in French!

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